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 In a world saturated with online media – traditional print media still holds a distinct appeal. A well-presented marketing flyer can be an effective tool in the arsenal of a start-up or small business owner looking to make an impression on potential clients. Flyers carry the visual impact of a poster, but allow for greater distribution allowing your message to reach even more potential customers!

Business cards


A business card is one of the cheapest and most valuable marketing tools. It establishes the brand identity of a company and serves as a great marketing tool when it supplies proper information about the business. This little piece of paper is invaluable in the growth of any business and is sure to fetch more customers!


FROM R2100

Posters provide a cost effective way of communicating to a particular target market. When placed correctly, attractive posters can lure people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Posters have the ability to stick in viewers minds and can be a great tool for small to medium sized businesses to use to increase brand awareness!

Folded Leaflets

FROM R1700

Folded Leaflets are great for marketing multiple products and categories on a single page of information. Folded pages gives your design the ability to create understandable sections of content and information without the use of restrictive borderlines and set boundaries.


How to get your Flyers to work for you!

Flyers can be one of the most effective marketing techniques but the success of them depends hugely on the DESIGN. The flyer HAS GOT TO GRAB the recipient’s attention in a second or two ….. then get them interested in the product, service or event, and finally get them to take some action whether that’s phoning a number, visiting a website, or placing an order.

Here are some points to consider when having you flyers designed:

Attention grabbing headline

You have a very short time to grab someone’s attention with a flyer… This is where an excellent headline is required!.

Don’t use your business name as the headline. This is not a business card and people don’t care that you are called “JND Repair Centre” for example.

Rather, create a headline that creates interest such as “ Do you have any broken appliances ??” or perhaps “Repair bills getting you down”.

Try find out what’s important to your customers and incorporate that into your headline.

Avoid using long sentences

People rarely read long sentences on a flyer so don’t use them.

Instead use bullet points and get straight to the point. If your flyer does its job and you get the customer to call to action, you can always supply them with more details and specifications once the communication channels are open.

Include power words

There are some words that are known to attract peoples attention – They include free, avoid, bargain, bonus, earn, easy, enjoy, exciting, happy, exclusive, how to, extra, fast, learn, money, mystery, new, profit, save, special, win.

Try to naturally incorporate these words into your text. Also use words that convey excitement and energy but don’t use clichés!

Avoid complicated type fonts

Avoid complicated fonts and script fonts that are hard to read.
People feel its going to be tiresome and will discard the flyer.

Remember you are not trying to win a graphic design award, but get you customers to contact you!

Use images

The saying goes a picture says a thousand words, so think about using one.

Make sure its relevant and reinforces what is being said or the brand image that you are trying to portray.

Avoid clutter

Don’t feel that you have to fill every nook and cranny with text and images.

Blank space makes the flyer easier on the eye, making it easier for people to read.

Call to action

Tell people what to do next, but not in a passive way.

“For more information, call …” is a passive call to action. It doesn’t motivate action. Instead, use one of the following closing lines:

  • Buy before (date) and receive this free gift.
  • Book before (date) and get 10% off.
  • Order now – 20% off for first 50 customers.
  • Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer ---- Call …
Also, try and keep it simple and just state one.

People are more likely to comply if you tell them to do just one thing!

Use a Flyer King graphic designer (Expert)

Definition of an Expert:
“ A person who has an extensive skill or knowledge or experience in a certain field.”

Not only are our graphic designers creative people with the ability to make your flyer pleasing to the eye, they have also been trained to design with the above mentioned marketing points in mind.

With regards to your flyer, there is no doubt you would be dealing with an expert.

We’re only truly happy when you are. We want you to be satisfied of course but we’d prefer it if you were absolutely thrilled with us. We take great pride in the work we do.
So, if you ever receive a job from us and we have made a mistake and your print job isn’t up to scratch please get in touch as soon as possible and we’ll do everything we can to fix it.